COVID Secure Visiting

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have opened our doors for you to visit your nearest and dearest again! After such a long period of shut down we have come up with a safe and secure way of allowing family and friends back to visit. To book your appointment to visit please click here

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Did you know you can video call our residents?

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Our staff are 100% vaccinated against Coronavirus for the safety of our residents, guests and staff.

Family Portal

The Family Portal is a secure online place accessible via a computer, mobile or tablet that enables the friends and family of those being cared for at Bay House to stay informed and to keep in touch.

As a friend or family member who has been given access to this portal you will be able to see things like photos, messages and other media showing the resident enjoying mealtimes, social activities, and events.

The Bay House Family Portal will help break down the barriers of distance, allowing families and friends to not only become more involved but also to have a better understanding of the care needs.

The open-door and transparent service will provide friends and families the opportunity to see the great outcomes we work towards for the people in our care.

For more information, please contact any member of the management team.

Welcome to Bay House

Upon entering the home a bright elegant reception area will welcome you.

The smells of home-cooked food, background sound of classical and jazz and a warm friendly smile to greet you.

Watch Our Video Introduction

Charming and cozy, our bedrooms are thoughtfully furnished to create a relaxing environment that residents can call and personalise as their own.

The residents lounge is vast, light and airy with pockets of private areas to spend the day.

Blended with modern decor to form eclectic, ‘boutique’ and elegant surroundings.

Flexible, Sensitive & Understanding

Our Care Team not only do the small things, they do the right small things, those which are important to each individual.

It's All About You

Sumptuous Meals & Catering

The Menu and mealtimes have been tailored according to the preferences of our residents.

Catering & Hospitality

Activities & Lifestyle

As we get older we do not lose the ability to make choices, learn or socialise.

Interaction is so beneficial – it’s ok if you want to just hold hands and have a chat.

Activities & Lifestyle